We are people based, collaborative, creative, friendly, not too serious and not too relaxed. Here’s some stuff that makes us tick.

Stuff We went to the University of Salford 2018 Degree Show.
Stuff By Form treated us to breakfast at their showroom
Stuff We looked into the future...
Stuff On location with Mr Adrian Lambert, photographing Waterfront Point, Widnes. View Project
Stuff We took a trip to Basel to visit the Vitra Campus.
Stuff The bake-off Class of 2017, here are some highlights.
Stuff We wanted to know how to make a Pinch Stool, so we went to Halifax to find out.
Stuff Halloween in the London studio 2017
Stuff We bought a skip from an artist called Kie Kie. View Project
Stuff Our interiors team visited a bronze foundry.
Stuff We commissioned a painting by artist Claire Graubner. View Project

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