Wirral Waters, Birkenhead
Creating a new waterside community within Birkenhead’s historic Dockland.

Peel Holdings

Location. Birkenhead
Value. Confidential
Service. Masterplanning
Programme. 2009 – 2010

We were selected as architects for Peel’s flagship Wirral Waters’ Northbank West Quarter following an invited ideas competition in April 2009. Northbank West is a predominantly residential quarter. Our proposals capitalise on the unique waterside setting of the quarter to create a distinct water-based residential typology alongside a more conventional series of 5 courtyard blocks.

The framework for Northbank West (and Wirral Waters as a whole) seeks to work alongside wider regeneration objectives and as such extensive dialogue and engagement with Wirral MBC undertaken. As part of an overarching regeneration framework, two key new connections are established. The first of these works in a North-South direction creating a new bridge across East Float connecting Northbank West with Sky City and existing residential neighbourhoods and Mersey Rail Stations to the South. It also opens up a new connection to the North to facilitate further regeneration opportunities. The second new connection is a new south facing esplanade running East-West along which a series of public spaces are placed and which forms the key organiser of the quarter itself together with a key connection to Northbank East.

A new wetland landscape is created between the esplanade and a series of water-based homes creating a new and distinctive community responsive to its unique Wirral setting.