School of Computing Science & Engineering, University of Salford
A showcase engineering building for collaborative learning and research

University of Salford

Location: Salford
Value: £50 million
Size: 11,000sqm
Programme: 2017 Competition & Feasibility
Service: Architecture

5plus, as part of our emerging masterplanning work at the University of Salford was appointed to investigate the feasibility of the relocation of the School of Computing, Science and Engineering, currently located in the Newton Building, to a new purpose built facility. The aim was to deliver a new centre for collaborative learning and research, in the heart of the campus.

The new-build and relocation of the Newton Building was an ambitious proposal. The building was under-utilised and not fit for purpose.

We assessed the viability of the proposed site, the space required within the building, and the potential for a new build. A number of design options were explored with the academic steering group, which resulted in this initial and ambitious response.

We used the existing building to form the basis of the areas required within the new building. We added to this brief to include additional areas.

Key spaces incorporated into the scheme included:

  • Workshop hangars

  • Laboratories

  • Atria

  • Social learning spaces

  • Octave

  • Multi-functional spaces

  • Open labs

  • Teaching rooms

Following this initial study, further validation, technical resolution and cost engineering was provided as part of a RIBA Stage 2 – Concept Design document.




Floor Plan