No 1 Old Trafford, Manchester
Regeneration of an underutilised site to deliver a high quality PRS scheme in a strategic gateway location

Cole Waterhouse (TW) Ltd

Location: Manchester
Value: £68 million
Size: 214,00 sqft / 354 residential units
Programme: 2016 – Nov 2018
Service: Architecture
Typology: Residential

5plus was appointed as Architect for the No 1 Old Trafford development in 2016. The brief for the project was to transform the site from a brick storage and distribution facility into a high quality residential development. The site is situated at a prominent location along the River Irwell, at the eastern entrance to Trafford Wharfside and Trafford Borough.

Our design response consists of two structures – a 15-storey and an 18-storey building connected by a landscaped podium – which will deliver a 354 unit Private Rented Sector (PRS) development. The design concept is of a pair of slim linear buildings, each with an outer formal brick elevation facing the street and urban surrounding, and a light and ‘playful’ inner elevation facing a podium garden.

The units are a mix of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. The ground floor will contain a generous residential entrance, residential amenity spaces and other active uses to enliven the water front.