NHS Smarter Working. National
Providing agile workplaces for NHS Strategic Workplace National Roll-Out.

Client. NHS Property Services (NHS PS)
Value. Confidential
Size. Various
Status. On-Going

Tom Bird

The commission includes the cultural change and implementation of the Smarter Working Policy, alongside a review of the NHS PS hubs nationally. This process has helped NHS PS to strategically consider their property portfolio and determine the extent of refurbishment on a case-by-case basis.

We have developed the overarching look and feel through Design Visioning sessions held with the National Team. The outputs from this have influenced the interior design concepts, colour scheme, lighting, fabrics and branding which is applied to each hub regardless of size and location. This ensures the same range and colour of furniture settings and room booking system are uniform across the business, ensuring that all hubs and users feel part of the NHS PS group. It allows agility to work from any hub. As part of the NHS PS Smarter Working Scheme, the concept allows people the flexibility to carry out focused work tasks at home and attend the hubs across the country to collaborate, meet face to face and utilise facilities.

From the outset, we worked closely with Henigan Consulting Group. HCG lead the workplace strategy; this starts with the Briefing Sessions with stakeholders and hub users alike, then proceeds to the Local Change Management Review, and continues through to establishing the Smarter Working Policy in Local Reinforcement Sessions using the prepared designs to set out the New Ways of Working.

This initially briefing process helps to inform the appropriate range of individual, collaborative and support settings for each hub. We applied the Henigan data to each location and translated it into the appropriate Kit of Parts whilst reviewing each hub holistically and designing to the required level of detail.

This has resulted in some hubs requiring a light touch, some a fuller refurbishment, and assisted in the relocation of others. The recently opened London hub transforms their office environment.