Military Road, Canterbury
Bespoke student accommodation, adjacent to a world heritage site


Location: Canterbury
Value: Undisclosed
Size: 200 units
Programme: 2017 - 2019
Service: Architecture

5plus were appointed to develop proposals and achieve planning for new student accommodation on a sensitive site in one of Canterbury’s Conservation Areas. The now completed scheme comprises 200 student dwellings and associated amenity space.

The site layout represents a traditional urban form, creating a collegiate ‘quadrangle’ typology formed by a simple external perimeter defining an internal semi-private courtyard. The 2 ‘L shaped’ blocks enclosing the courtyard relate to two distinct typologies from the immediate and wider context of the site.

  • 2 storey terraced housing with pitched roofs which surround the site

  • Larger scale buildings such as Canterbury Cathedral which can be seen from the site.

The  terrace houses are simple yet elegant, using a mixture of traditional proportions with modern detailing. Subtle brick detailing and visual devices create vertical banding which help break up the massing of the elevation. The architectural language of the second typology draws inspiration and guidelines from larger scale buildings in the area, including Canterbury Cathedral. The scale steps up from 2 storeys to 5 storeys, ensuring that the main mass of the building is away from any sensitive residential boundaries.

The  landscaping creates a simple yet well considered internal courtyard for the students, taking inspiration from traditional university cloisters.

Following successful planning approval, the site was sold for onward development and the scheme realised in time for the 2020 Academic year.


First Floor