GPA London
Office fit-out for a Government Agency in Canary Wharf, London.

Client. Overbury / GPA
Location. Canary Wharf, London
Value. £5 million
Size. 52,450 sqft
Service. Interiors
Status. Completed

5plus together with Overbury, has created a CAT C office fit out for a government agency in an existing government hub in Canary Wharf, London.

5plus started this project at RIBA Stage 2 and developed the design with the Government Property Agency as the client and in line with the GPA guidelines and agency specific requirements. In addition to the provision of workspaces, meeting rooms, collaboration zones and breakout areas, the brief also included specific acoustic and security requirements.

5plus and Overbury worked closely with each other during the design and construction stages and delivered a fit out, handed over for client occupation in July 2023.

Key Objectives
One of the overarching key objectives was the introduction of more flexible ways of working and providing a variety of activity settings in line with the GPA guidelines.

We worked closely with the client team to achieve the layout best supporting the client’s goal of providing innovate and flexible work settings that encourage productivity and staff engagement.

In turn, these work settings support the government agency in any business change and workforce transformation.

The main work settings are dedicated zones for quiet working, collaboration and meeting and breakout spaces.

At the same time, key design principles of the GPA design guidelines were incorporated, such as generous circulation routes around furniture settings, BREEAM Very Good rating and 2% of the floorplate area to be fitted with planting to improve the general wellbeing of the government workforce.

Interior Concept
The project extends across the entire 5th floor of 10 South Colonnade, ca. 5000m2 and is divided into primary, secondary, and tertiary spaces depending on proximity to natural daylight.

Team Home Zones are located within primary spaces with access to natural daylight for all workstations within. Collaborative and support spaces will occupy secondary and tertiary spaces.

The interior design concept draws inspiration from the surrounding site of Canary Wharf and surrounding historic wharfs and modern buildings showing the area’s rich waterside heritage.

Canary Wharf is a leading financial district, as well as being home to many residential and office developments, public spaces, retail spaces, restaurants, events, festivals, and the docklands.

Post pandemic, there is more desire for workers to arrive at Canary Wharf and ‘see greenery, scenery and water rather than just glass steel and concrete.’ The pandemic has made people realise the importance of outside space which the interior design concept incorporates.

Technical requirements are designed in line with the GPA design guidelines. Muted wall colours and warm colour textiles create a soft, refined, and sophisticated colour palette.

Deeper shades of sea and moss greens with accents of limes and yellows add a pop of colour and vibrancy to the space.