Simon Buckley Collaboration

We are working with artist photographer Simon Buckley to explore how the buildings we design affect the people who use them – and vice versa.

The year-long commission – You live with Us We live with You – is looking at 5plus buildings in London and Manchester at different times of the day and in different seasons.

Simon explains: “Buildings co-exist with and beyond our lives. I will use photographing at dawn and dusk, the beginning and end of days, as a metaphor, like a speeded up film in which the people and light are fleeting but the buildings remain still and solid.

Over several months, capturing the change in daylight hours and seasons, I’ll be exploring the relationship that the buildings have with us and our cities and, as we arrive and leave each day, examine how a building adapts and survives in the space in which it was placed by we humans.”

It’s the exact opposite to classical architectural photography and much more real.

The results will be turned into a book and an exhibition.