Just In! Len Grant’s New Trafford Town Hall Book

Len Grant’s book on the redevelopment of Trafford Town Hall is just off the presses.

With its new book aroma and weighty hardcover, this 168-page tome charts the rejuvenation of a civic treasure.

All That is Good begins with staff moving out as contractors move in and then follows the renovation of the 1930s town hall and the construction of a new extension. But, as well as the chronological journey, this book is full of wonderful diversions and digressions.

Len had access to the extensive civic archives from the 1930s construction and contrasted these snippets with the latest intervention, with some striking similarities.

Interviews with ‘frontline workers’ describe fascinating details that neither staff nor visitors will be aware and amongst the images of the completed building staff comment on the effect of the transformational change.

Thanks to Shepherd Group and 5plus Architects for commissioning the project. Check out some of the spreads and images on Len’s website (here).