Military Road, Canterbury
Large scale student accommodation, adjacent to a world heritage site


Location: Canterbury
Value: Undisclosed
Size: 194 units
Programme: 2017 - 2019
Service: Architecture

A 194-unit student accommodation scheme on a sensitive site in one of Canterbury’s Conservation Areas.

The contemporary scheme takes the form of a traditional collegiate quadrangle with a large entrance building arranged with terraced houses creating an internal courtyard with ground floor common areas and amenity space.

The design recognises and responds to the wider context of the site on the Southern approach to the City Centre in an area of traditional two storey pitched roof houses – and within the influence and sight lines of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Canterbury Cathedral.

The project gained planning approval from Canterbury City Council in May 2018.

The proposed terrace houses aim to be simple yet elegant, using a mixture of traditional proportions with modern detailing. Subtle brick detailing and visual devices such as recessed drainpipes create vertical banding which breaks up the massing of the elevation whilst also creating a highly contextual response to the existing context.

The architectural language of the second typology draws inspiration and guidelines from the surrounding larger scale buildings in Canterbury such as Canterbury Cathedral. The scale steps up from 2 storeys to 5 storeys, ensuring that the main mass of the building is away from any sensitive residential boundaries.