You Live With Us, We Live With You
A totally different style of architectural photography

5plus architects

Location: Manchester & London
Value: Undisclosed
Service: Art & Collaboration

You Live With Us, We Live With You is the latest project by photographer Simon Buckley, whose previous work, Not Quite Light, documented changing parts of Manchester and Salford before sunrise.

Commissioned by 5plus, Simon has spent the last year capturing how buildings affect the people who use them and vice versa in a series of stunning images taken at dusk and dawn.

The photographs – of six buildings in Manchester and four in London, all designed by 5plus – are also being turned into a book, to be published in September 2017.

Mancunian Simon said: “It has been a fascinating project looking at how buildings, be they hotels, offices or houses, sit in the middle of life and meld with it and mould it. How they cope with the detritus of daily life, the cash points, the white vans, the cyclists, people eating, people drinking, all the stresses of human activity.

5plus director Jon Matthews, said: “We were inspired by Simon’s Not Quite Light work which captures the city in its raw state at dusk and dawn and we wanted to see our buildings in the same way. It was a leap of faith but the results are revelatory.

“Simon has managed to create a totally different style of architectural photography – one that is much more real and as architects we can learn from this. The added bonus is that they are also really beautiful and we are very proud to be hosting the work and sponsoring the book.”

The proceeds from the sale of the book are being donated to 42nd Street, a Manchester-based charity supporting supporting young people aged 11-25 with their emotional wellbeing and mental health. You can buy a copy of the book here: