Airport City, Manchester
Masterplan to create a new £650 million business district at Manchester Airport

The Manchester Airports Group (MAG)

Location: Manchester
Value: £650 million
1.2 million sqft Offices
530,000 sqft Advanced Manufacturing
1,300 Hotel Beds
62,000 sqft Ancillary Retail
13 acre Central Park
Service: Masterplanning
Typology: Mixed Use

For many people an airport is a necessary evil. A place to be endured once or twice a year en-route to a well earned fortnight away on a beach somewhere hot. However, airports have become much more than just a place of transit for passengers – they are often the economic engine of a city and a commercial centre in their own right.

Manchester Airport is the largest airport outside of the South East, the main gateway to the North and a key driver for the regional economy. Airport City is a place where organisations from around the world converge to conduct business and exchange knowledge supported by hotel, conference, retail and leisure facilities.

Since 2008, 5plus has been retained by Manchester Airport Group to assist in the long term masterplanning of the wider airport operational area with a particular focus on its commercial assets.

An ambitious plan has developed that will transform the airport into an economic hub and destination in its own right, with a focus on increasing long haul flights, improved ground transportation and the delivery of a real estate platform to enable further business opportunities in health, logistics, cargo, advanced manufacturing and corporate sectors.


As part of our ongoing role as masterplan guardian for the Airport City project we have been commissioned to prepare outline proposals for two office product types.

The first product type is a 10,000 sqft floor plate offering 30,000 sqft of flexible space over three floors whilst the second building is a 15,000 sqft floor plate offering 60,000 sqft over four floors. Each building is conceived as a simple and efficient commercial building offering occupiers a flexible and adaptable solution to their workspace needs. Each can be delivered as a stand-alone building for a single occupier or multiple tenants or as a series of buildings to create a campus of buildings for a larger occupier.


Airport City Bridge
As part of our ongoing role as masterplan guardian for the ‘Airport City Manchester’ project we were commissioned to prepare proposals for a central bridge across the M56 motorway spur, providing a new footbridge connection between Airport and Airport City.

The new bridge will provide access for cyclists and pedestrians in neighbouring Wythenshawe and the wider area to the employment opportunities at the Airport.

The footbridge will also enhance the plausibility and deliverability of the early phases of the masterplan, driving early fundamental connections and informing the urban grain to be developed.