Today is our 10th Birthday!

So 2020 was always going to be a special year, but little did we know.

Practice celebrations and other events became secondary priorities as we entered lock-down and addressed the new reality. The welfare of our Practice and the quality of our work have always been our priority, and we are proud of our progress, some of which we are delighted to share with you in this newsletter.

Trafford Town Hall is just one example of dozens of projects we have successfully completed in our first 10 years of Practice. A complex project with multiple stakeholder engagement, designed and delivered by 5plus inside and out, on time and on budget. It was our first Breeam Excellent building and it in many ways epitomises our ambition and capability. The building is a recipient of multiple awards, including an RIBA Regional Award.

We are proud of what we have achieved working together with our many exceptional clients and collaborators, and we are extremely excited about the next 10 years in the Practices’ development.